Review of Hairdressing and Salon Services unit standards

Feedback due: 16 March 2022

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We would like your thoughts on the review of the 46 Level 3 and Level 4 unit standards listed below:




Beauty Services


2755, 2757, 2759, 2866, 2869-2871, 2873, 2878-2880, 2884, 2885, 2889-2892, 12313, 19791-19793, 25076-25078, 25789-25793, 28835-28839, 28841, 28847-28849

Salon Skills

9953, 25435, 25437, 25438, 28843-28846

Reasons for the review

The standards are due for review to make sure they remain current. This is also an opportunity to update the suites of standards for programmes leading to these recently updated qualifications:

·       New Zealand Certificate in Hairdressing (Level 3) [Ref: 2411]
·       New Zealand Certificate in Hairdressing (Professional Stylist) (Level 4) [Ref: 2413]

Feedback documents

These documents provide more information about the proposed changes, some of which are significant:

Areas for comment

You can choose to comment on all or some of the standards, or just provide general comment about the review. Please make sure you include the ID of any specific unit standard(s) you want to comment on.

The following prompts might also help you shape your response:

  • Do the titles accurately reflect the significant outcomes that each unit standard recognises?
  • Is the content of each unit standard consistent with the relevant domain (Hairdressing or Salon Skills)?
  • How well do the outcomes and evidence requirements of each standard match the level descriptors? Do the standards capture appropriate step-ups between the levels?
  • How appropriate are the credits allocated to the unit standards (credits reflect a notional 10 hours of learning, practice, and assessment time with respect to the outcomes and contexts of the unit standard)?
  • How well does the Guidance Information assist in the interpretation of each unit standard and/or increase the likelihood of consistent assessment?
  • How well do outcomes describe what has to be achieved?
  • How well do performance criteria specify the quality of the critical evidence required to meet the outcomes?
  • How well do range statements distinguish the items that need to be considered and whether a sufficient breadth of evidence is required?
  • What impact will expiring existing standards have?
  • How well do the standards collectively meet the graduate profile outcomes in each qualification? Are there any gaps or suggestions for additional standards?

Send us your thoughts

Please email your feedback to by 8 March 2022.

Draft new and reviewed unit standards

The zip files below contain groups of the draft new and Category B reviewed unit standards that have come out of the review. Copies of proposed Category C (to be replaced) and D (to expire without replacement) are not provided but you can find current versions of the standards on the NZQA website. Links to the individual standards can also be accessed from the electronic version of the summary of proposed changes document.

Background on the review

Responsibility for these standards and their review were transferred from New Zealand Hair and Beauty Industry Training Organisation (HITO) to Toi Mai in October 2021. We have worked with HITO, who began the review in 2021, to get the standards to this stage.

The standards were originally designed for use as assessment tools for reviewed Hairdressing qualifications at Levels 3 and 4. Standards have been reviewed and developed to ensure they continue to align with graduate profile outcomes of the recently updated qualifications, published in February 2021.