Qualifications and Standards

Our role for qualifications and unit standards

We are responsible for developing and maintaining qualifications, and developing, setting, and maintaining unit standards for the industries in our coverage area. 

These qualifications and standards were previously managed by Transitional Industry Training Organisations and NZQA National Qualifications Services, and have now been transferred to Toi Mai. 

Identifying which qualifications and unit standards have been transferred to Toi Mai

All qualifications and standards have been updated on NZQA’s system and you can find out which ones have been transferred to Toi Mai by searching NZQA’s website: 

  • For qualifications, search for the qualification by keyword or qualification number on the NZQF.  Click on the qualification to view the name of the current qualification developer.
  • For standards, search for the unit standard by number (or via field/subfield/domain) on the Directory of Assessment Standards. The name of the current standard-setting body is displayed on the resulting screen.  Note: the individual Word and PDF documents relating to the standard will still show the previous standard setting body’s details. 

Skill Standards 

Over time, skill standards will replace unit standards as the core components of vocational programmes. NZQA has begun early thinking to inform future engagement with WDCs and others on the definition and design of skill standards. Substantial progress on their design expected in the first half of 2022. 

Providers will have the opportunity to participate in the development of skill standards where they have an interest in the subject area. When unit standards are replaced, this will be communicated to providers with existing consent to assess and there will be time to update existing programmes to reflect new skill standards. 

Support for Providers developing programmes for our qualifications 

A range of guidance documents are available to support providers developing programmes that lead to the award of one of our qualifications. A full list is available here. 

Outdoor Recreation Levels 1-3 unit standard review – Nov 2021 update

The Outdoor Recreation unit standards at Levels 1-3 have been reviewed and new versions of these unit standards will be listed on NZQA’s website in November 2021.

This review was a big undertaking and Toi Mai would like to acknowledge and thank Skills Active Aotearoa, Education Outdoors NZ and the many subject matter experts that contributed to this review during 2020 and 2021.

For more information about the review and the impact on your consent to assess, please click here.

Contact us 

If you would like to contact us about our qualifications or standards, or to receive a copy of a programme guidance document please email qualifications@toimai.nz.